Monday, January 19, 2009

The Steelers Won!!!

Thank goodness the Steelers won the AFC Championship!!! Doug would of been in such a depression that even a good hockey game wouldn't pull him out of!!! Now the anticipation of the Super Bowl begins. He's teaching the triplets how to shake their arms at the tv when the Steelers come on!!!! Aaron is already yelling at the players like they can hear him and take his advice! Doug and his boys will be ready for the big game! Now what will I do during this time? Waiting for the commercials to come on and take advantage of the good food! It would be so much easier if I liked to watch sports, but why force myself?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Will they ever care?

Yesterday was suppose to be a nice relaxing day with the family. turned out to be one of the longest, most difficult days...ever!!! The babies woke up cranky, and made sure that everyone else was too! They all have explosive poopies that went all over their clothes and crib sheets and blankets. To make things went all over their bumpers too and I hate washing those!!! The day continued on with biting, climbing on the couch and changing the thermostat, and getting into drawers that they aren't suppose to get into. Even with the child safety lock on....they can still get my measuring spoons out. Doug made a great roast for dinner and we couldn't even enjoy it. Had to scarf it down like we were in an eating contest because the boys were tweaking out. Seven o'clock seemed to take weeks to come.

After the little ones went to bed...Aaron and Doug watched football and doing the male bonding while I tried to recoup. I did catch Doug sleep eating....twice!! He woke up both times with banana bread in his hands. It was pretty funny!!!

Hopefully today will be better. We are going to the farm to celebrate my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Catch ya up to speed.....

This is the cliff notes of our lives right now.....
Doug and I moved the family up to Eau Claire to a beautiful new home!!! I gave up my machinist job to stay home with Aaron and the babies and Doug is a Butcher. Aaron is nine and in the 3rd grade. He is super funny and so mature for his age. He just got straight A's for the second time in a row! He plays baseball and football and wants to play basketball. Coby, Micah and Peyton will be 17 months on the 15Th of Jan. They are walking, running, eating, starting to talk and unfortunately biting. It is so fun to watch them play together. Each one does have his own personality. Peyton is the oldest. He is bashful yet defiant. Micah is the middle trip and he is the cuddle bug but likes to push his brothers to the ground. Coby is the baby and is the most eager to learn new things, but so much that he gets into everything to check them out!!
I hope this blog will help me keep everyone up to date about life in my home...(don't get too much time to visit).