Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy Crap it's been a month!!!

Ok.....gotta give the cliff notes version of the last month.....The weather is finally starting to break and I am walking now to get into shape. I don't know what shape I want yet but I'm walking anyway. Can you get a curvier figure by walking? Anyway....sometimes I take the boys and that usually doesn't work out for the best....but I still try.
I'm in the middle of painting my kitchen. Barn red. Yep....finally I'm getting some color into this house!!! I will post pics when it's complete.
My Aunt gave me matching curtains, bedspread and a shower curtain for my bedroom. Its a very nice gesture.....but they are bright yellow with pink flowers. All made out of the exact same material. The curtains blend right into the bedspread that have decorative pillows that all look exactely the same!!!! Plus.....sun glasses are required when looking directly intot the room. It's bright.
The little guys are talking so much more now. They are learning what animals are what and what they say. "If you happy and you know it" is their favorite activity right now and as long as I keep their pj's on backwards.....nap time isn't a disaster anymore. straight A's on his report card. So proud of him!!! Baseball is starting back up but almost all of his practices have been cancelled due to rain. We are still fighting over his lack of ambition to do his chores. He has no problem doing long as I remind him. I'm over it. Just do it!!! (sorry nike for stealing your works)
I've been watching too much TV but I'm stuck at home all the time and this is what I have to do. I have a new obsession with Gordon Ramsey. I just think he's brilliant!!! Still love dancing with the stars and American idol. ABC's Thursday night is amazing with ugly betty, grey's and private practice. Hate when they involve children though. Drives me bonkers!!! Aaron and I watch Survivor together and say that's out weekly vacation. (I hate coach and want to stab him)
Hopefully the post will come more often now!! maybe someday I'll get good enough to post pics to my blogs. Just don't have the ambition yet.

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