Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday, September 07, 2009

New Pics of the Boys!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Here are the latest pics of the boys! Aaron is 9 and Peyton, Micah and Coby just turned 2. Here are the cliff-notes about what's going on now.
Aaron is playing football and has a 2-1 season now. He also started back to school and got the teacher he hoped for all summer, Mrs. Deeb. Something about kickball and she was really cool! Too Funny! His days are really hectic since he has both everyday but he's pretty good about getting homework done first.
Peyton still loves to draw on the walls but we have focused his talent with chalk and crayons. He will sit and color for a long time. He thinks the TV is really funny now and will laugh out loud at the jokes. I still find him under his bed sleeping almost every night.
Micah still loves to be rough but we are working on being easy with mommy. He's trying but not a lot of success yet. His signs of affection are head butting and hitting. Ouch! He is talking so much more now. I love it when he comes out in the morning and says "hi baby" to me! I laugh every time!
Coby is a motor-mouth and I can't get him to be quiet! He wants to say everything and his latest word is pepperoni. He says it sooo clear! He loves to go to the potty although his timing is a little off. He's big into doing things for his brothers now. Hope it stays that way!
I'm going to try to post more often! This summer was so crazy that it was hard to keep up!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Picture Time!!!

They boys doing what they love!! We went fishing down at Oneida Valley. Isn't it pretty?

Pics taken this weekend of all the kids!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Giving it a try

We tried on our big boy undies today!! I didn't have any expectations of the boys peeing in the potty but I thought maybe I could get them excited about it. They loved their new undies with dinosaurs on them. Micah liked pulling them down and back up....Coby and Peyton just kept feeling them. It was really cute watching them. Coby started to pee a little and I threw him on the pot. He still had his undies on but he got excited about peeing on it. It'll happen...someday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What the Hell Wednesday

What the hell.....why not start to blog everyday and document all the wonderful, and not so wonderful things that happen in my life.

Doug is putting together our playground fence outside!! This will save my sanity and house this summer. Right now...there is only a gate and 2 poles up. But soon..I will be able to take the kids outside by myself! There won't be any running away from me and trying to visit the neighbors. It's going to cover 200 square feet (i think) so the kids have plenty of room to run and play!! I am so excited for this project to get done!!!!

The little guys have hit there terrible two's at 21 months. If i say no to them....they say it back to me. If I put them in the corner....they all go sit in the corner together. I spend the whole two minute taking the other two out...while keeping the bad on in. The worst thing about this age is the team work that they've accomplished. One taking me into the kitchen and the others diving behind the couch to play with the plugs. One little guy asks for a snack and the second and third rip off their diapers and streak through the house. I know it will get worse before it gets better but I am determined to have a good summer!!! Potty training is coming up and to be honest...I'd rather poke my eyes out with a dull knife but it needs to be done. They are already getting naked....why not have them pee while they are at it? Any advice anyone has on that subject would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pics of the kiddos

These are the latest attempts of getting all smiles and failing. They do look cute in their Penquin hoodies. More to come I'm sure.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy Crap it's been a month!!!

Ok.....gotta give the cliff notes version of the last month.....The weather is finally starting to break and I am walking now to get into shape. I don't know what shape I want yet but I'm walking anyway. Can you get a curvier figure by walking? Anyway....sometimes I take the boys and that usually doesn't work out for the best....but I still try.
I'm in the middle of painting my kitchen. Barn red. Yep....finally I'm getting some color into this house!!! I will post pics when it's complete.
My Aunt gave me matching curtains, bedspread and a shower curtain for my bedroom. Its a very nice gesture.....but they are bright yellow with pink flowers. All made out of the exact same material. The curtains blend right into the bedspread that have decorative pillows that all look exactely the same!!!! Plus.....sun glasses are required when looking directly intot the room. It's bright.
The little guys are talking so much more now. They are learning what animals are what and what they say. "If you happy and you know it" is their favorite activity right now and as long as I keep their pj's on backwards.....nap time isn't a disaster anymore. straight A's on his report card. So proud of him!!! Baseball is starting back up but almost all of his practices have been cancelled due to rain. We are still fighting over his lack of ambition to do his chores. He has no problem doing long as I remind him. I'm over it. Just do it!!! (sorry nike for stealing your works)
I've been watching too much TV but I'm stuck at home all the time and this is what I have to do. I have a new obsession with Gordon Ramsey. I just think he's brilliant!!! Still love dancing with the stars and American idol. ABC's Thursday night is amazing with ugly betty, grey's and private practice. Hate when they involve children though. Drives me bonkers!!! Aaron and I watch Survivor together and say that's out weekly vacation. (I hate coach and want to stab him)
Hopefully the post will come more often now!! maybe someday I'll get good enough to post pics to my blogs. Just don't have the ambition yet.