Monday, September 07, 2009

New Pics of the Boys!!!

Hi Everyone!!! Here are the latest pics of the boys! Aaron is 9 and Peyton, Micah and Coby just turned 2. Here are the cliff-notes about what's going on now.
Aaron is playing football and has a 2-1 season now. He also started back to school and got the teacher he hoped for all summer, Mrs. Deeb. Something about kickball and she was really cool! Too Funny! His days are really hectic since he has both everyday but he's pretty good about getting homework done first.
Peyton still loves to draw on the walls but we have focused his talent with chalk and crayons. He will sit and color for a long time. He thinks the TV is really funny now and will laugh out loud at the jokes. I still find him under his bed sleeping almost every night.
Micah still loves to be rough but we are working on being easy with mommy. He's trying but not a lot of success yet. His signs of affection are head butting and hitting. Ouch! He is talking so much more now. I love it when he comes out in the morning and says "hi baby" to me! I laugh every time!
Coby is a motor-mouth and I can't get him to be quiet! He wants to say everything and his latest word is pepperoni. He says it sooo clear! He loves to go to the potty although his timing is a little off. He's big into doing things for his brothers now. Hope it stays that way!
I'm going to try to post more often! This summer was so crazy that it was hard to keep up!

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